DIY Lazy Spicy (Soy) Latte

So as the weather gets cooler and the evenings get darker, there is always one thing on my mind: pumpkin spiced lattes. A big foamy pumpkin, ginger, chai or spice flavoured coffee is my literal idea of heaven on an autumnal day, but sadly I am not always close to a Starbucks. On those days when I am craving a winter warmer, this is my go to recipe to make one at home, and it's so quick and easy! 
Note: For all you genuine coffee lovers out there, this would work even better with a shot or two of espresso. I'm just far too lazy to do that on a duvet day! 
You will need:
1 mug (I like using my travel mug as it is nice and big)
2/3 of the mug of soy milk (or regular milk)
1 teaspoon instant dark roast coffee
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
hot water
milk frother (Berts does a good one for all you Brighton lovelies!)

First up, pour your (soy) milk into the mug until it's 2/3 full, then pour that back into a microwavable jug, and heat until hot (about 2 mins).
The put your coffee and spices into the mug, and mix with hot water until they are dissolved. Fill the mug 1/3 full with hot water.
Froth your milk! Use the frother to make lots of lovely foam.
The pour the milk into the coffee while stirring, then add the foam on top.

And there you go! Couldn't be easier: the lazy spicy latte!

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