New glasses!

A little while back, you may have seen my post on Selectspecs, an online company specialising in affordable glasses, where my lovely blue armed ray ban style frames came from. Sadly, in the process of moving house, they somehow disappeared. If you are also a full time glasses wearer, you will understand how frustrating this must be; I had to go back to my previous, less accurate prescription while I hunted for them. Unfortunately, they never appeared, so I hopped online to order a new pair. I went back to Selectspecs, where I discovered their new £6 range of frames. Yes, you read that correctly. £6. I'm completely serious. They even had a pretty big selection. I got right ahead and ordered 3 pairs, I thought it would be silly not to at that price! They arrived on my doorstep in about a week bringing all sorts of joy and sharpened vision with them. It is so nice to be able to have some variety now, when you have to wear them everyday it's nice to be able to mix and match to my outfit. I think my favourite are the tortoiseshell ones, but they are all equally as comfortable to wear, and fit my fairly small face perfectly. I couldn't recommend Selectspecs highly enough, and am so glad to have my vision back!