Review: Garnier Pure Active Fruit Scrub

Do you ever get that feeling where you just feel like you need a good scrub? I was away for the weekend with only a basic cleanser, and after a few days of deep cleaning a house and moving boxes, my skin was crying out for something a bit stronger. I picked up this product as it was on offer in Asda, and am so glad I did! I was a bit sceptical at first as cheap scrubs can have the habit of feeling gritty or drying, and this was neither of those things. The grapefruity scent is light and refreshing, and stayed long after the product was rinsed off. My favourite part was how clean my face felt, the beads did a fair amount of pore unclogging (sorry, pretty gross) and minimising after my first use, and it has that lovely tightening feeling that makes you feel like it is actually doing something. For such a cheap product (I picked it up for £2 on a 1/3 off offer), I am so impressed with how well it works and it has a gorgeous scent to boot. Have you tried this product before? What did you think?

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