Review: Soap and Glory's Glow All Out

I very kindly received this cute little compact in a giveaway from BeautyCalls, which you can read more about here. I was particularly excited as I had been wanting to try out this product for a little while  now. I was actually quite surprised when I opened it up, I had been expecting a shimmer based highlighter, which in actual fact is not what this product is at all. I was actually a little disappointed when I tried it the first time, as I didn't seem to shimmer at all, but after I stepped away from the mirror, I realised what it was actually doing, working as a complexion enhancing powder, creating an all over glow. This peachy based powder warmed up my skintone beautifully, and gives a natural cosy glow, without needing to be shiny or glittery. Combined with my normal No7 face powder, I found this created a lovely healthy looking base, and worked well across my cheekbones and forehead. I love the packaging too, this product stays true to the vintage inspired Soap and Glory eye catching style. I am really enjoying using this powder as a quick and easy way to create natural looking radiance! Have you tried this product? What did you think?