Something New: Honeymania! at The Body Shop

Something new is happening at The Body Shop, and oh boy does it smell good! Honeymania* is a brand new collection launching on the 18th of September, a range of moisturising body products made from Ethiopian Community Fair Trade honey from rainforest flowers. The collection consists of:
Eau De Toilette - £8.50
Bubble Bath Melt - £8.00
Lip Balm - £4.00
Cream Body Scrub - £12.50
Body Butter - £13.00
Soap - £2.00
Shower Gel - £4.00 [Not pictured]
Every one of these products has a distinctive floral and sweet scent to them, with a gorgeous rich honey base. The packaging on each of the products features an image of golden, melting honeycomb that gives me cravings for honey on toast whenever I see it. I had a long, luxurious bath, where either during or after I used every single one of the products pictured, and the smell was absolutely heavenly, yet remained fresh and not at all overpowering, despite using so many products. If I had to pick a favourite, I would narrow it down to either the cream body scrub or bubble bath melt, as I had not tried any products like these from The Body Shop before, and loved them both. The scrub was creamy and foamy, yet exfoliated well and left my skin feeling soft and smooth. The bubble bath only took a small amount of product to make a very bubbly bath!
I think this range is particularly special as instead of just a pure floral or herbal scent, like my favourite Strawberry and Blueberry collections, The Body Shop have created their own unique scent for these products, and it truly is delicious! What will you be picking up from the collection?

Honeymania by The Body Shop - Released Wednesday 18th September

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