The Dog Blog: A Pug's Guide To Dating, by Gemma Correll

A Pug's Guide To Dating, by Gemma Correll*
 Hi, I'm Fen, Carrie is my Human. I was sent this lovely book to review a little while ago, as at the ripe old age of 6, I'm getting on a bit now and could do with finding me a nice young man. I know I'm not a Pug, but as a Border Terrier, I feel this similar sized wrinkly breed might be able to help me, plus, you know, if a stinky Pug can find a man, then why can't I? The wise author human, Gemma Correll, writes: "Love knows no size, colour, or breed."I decided to test out this theory on a recent walk to the woods, where I tried to seduce a handsome looking Cocker Spaniel with some wise poetry, as suggested by Ms Correll, but sadly my snoot up the backside was greeted with a loud bark, telling me that Mr Spaniel was not interested. The book contains many other suggestions, such as the art of dance, my favourite being 'The Poopy Kickin' Jive', which I am looking forward to trying on my next trip to the park to show off my moves to that labrador I noticed last weekend. The book features a variety of tips and ideas, including destinations for first dates, pick up lines, and even how to deal with a breakup. This manual has provided a helpful insight into the world of dating, and I look forward to trying out some more of the tips and tricks! This book would make an excellent gift for puppies and people alike, regardless of breed! 

A Pug's Guide To Dating, by Gemma Correll* is available online here.

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