A little update..

So things have been a little bit manic lately! I finished Uni for the year in June and went straight into a full time job, which was a great experience, but kept me very busy! I also had to live back at home while working so missed Brighton dearly, but it was absolutely lovely to be able to spend the time with my family. I finished working on tuesday, am have now properly moved in to my new house and (just about) settled and unpacked, ready to start back at Uni and rejoin the student world. I have a lovely timetable this year so am looking forward to having lots of time to myself to craft, bake and blog to my heart's content! I have loads of exciting things planned for this little corner of the internet, so thank you for sticking with me so far, and keep your eyes peeled for new things coming your way!
Much love,
Carrie x

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