Dry Essentials

As the weather gets colder, inevitably, skin gets dryer. I feel like as soon as September rolls around, my skin magically dries up and suddenly gets sensitive, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite products for beating skin dehydration in the chilly weather!
Perhaps the most obvious, but the most important thing to moisturise! If you are looking for a consistent daily moisturiser, Origin's GinZing keeps my face feeling soft and hydrated throughout the day with a gorgeous bright citrus scent to it. If you are after a more intensive moisturiser, ESPA's 24 Hour Replenishing Moisturiser* is the thickest and creamiest moisturiser I have ever used, and works well as an overnight treatment as well as an every day cream. Speaking of overnight treatments, onto the holy grail of moisture: The Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. This product is an all round treat to use, and nothing soothes dry skin quite like it! I use this roughly 3 nights a week and it keeps dry patches at bay, with the calming scent aiding sleep in the process, and leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth too! One of the first places to get dry for me is around my eyes, so a good eye cream is very important. I love Green People's Neutral Scent Free Eye Cream*, as it calms any irritated patches as well as soothing any dry ones, and the lack of scent or colour is safe and suitable for sensitive skin. The other eye cream I love is nSpa's Nourishing Lip and Eye Treatment*, as this two in one treatment is perfect for on the go application as a space saver in your handbag! For dry hands, I love this Cherry Blossom Soothing Hand and Nail Cream from Marks and Spencer, an absolutely bargain and smells divine, and keeps my hands soft, this one has become a permanent feature of my handbag too. For lips, I always reach for ESPA's Mandarin Lip Balm*, as nothing fixes my dry lips quite like it. The scent is absolutely delicious, and the moisturising effects last longer than any other balm I have ever tried. If I'm out and about, I tend to use Maybelline's Baby Lips in Hydrate or Intense Care, as they are the perfect size to fit in any handbag, and have a lovely light scent to them as they moisturise.
What are your go-to products to rescue dry skin?

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