Gettin' Shimmery With It

I feel like my makeup tastes have changed a fair bit recently. I now find myself reaching for brighter colours, bolder shades, and I am definitely back on a shimmery thing again! After all, why be boring and matte when you can glow and shine? These 3 gorgeous products from The Body Shop are easy and fast ways to get that sheen, without adding too much shine and keeping that healthy warm glow!
Shimmer Waves in Coral* - £16.00
This gorgeous palette added a touch of summer to my autumn makeup bag, the golden tones and pretty wave pattern reminding me of sand and warmer times on a beach! This product is multi use, with a subtle pigmented colour that can be built up as a blush, as a highlighter with a touch of golden colour for cheekbones, over the top of another blush, or dusted lightly over the face to enhance complexion and add that glow that we all crave for! This product reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, but considerably more purse friendly! I have been wearing this product as a blush, and it is hard wearing enough to last me all day.
Brush on Radiance* - £14.00
These hybrid highlight/bronze pearls do exactly as it says on the tin, and allow you to brush on some radiance. The mix of golden, lilac and coral pearls blend to create a warm shimmer that provides a healthy, natural looking glow when applied to pretty much anywhere on the face. It is not too shiny or glittery either, allowing you to create a really natural finish.
Lightening Touch* - £14.00
Yet another multi use product, but this time doubling (tripling? quadrupling?) as an under eye concealer! This pink toned shimmery pen is pretty much instant shimmer in a tube, and the clever brush/pen design allows for careful and detailed application when contouring. The packaging is gorgeous, the long silver pen feels well made and rather high end. The bottom twists/clicks around to dispense the right amount of product needed, making application simple for even those as clumsy as I am.
I have been really impressed with all three of these products, and really enjoyed using them. The quality is reminiscent of a high end cosmetics brand, but without the price tag, making these excellent additions to your makeup collection! Have you tried any of this shimmery selection?

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