Makeup Storage and New Room Organisation

Recently, I moved into a new house, which means a new room! I had a lovely time nesting and decorating to make it my own when unpacking. One of the first things I did was unpack my makeup and skincare, as I was excited to use my new acrylic storage! I actually bought it from Staples, as a desk organiser and a set of mini drawers, which were actually cheaper than some of the ones I have seen on Amazon etc sold as makeup storage. The lipstick holder was an eBay bargain, and I am now hunting down a matching nail polish stand. My brush holder is a plant pot from Ikea. I love having acrylic storage, purely because I can see where everything is! Gone are the days where I forget an eyeshadow as it was stuck in the back of a drawer, and they just look so neat. The last photo is a sneaky peek at the rest of the room, as soon as I get everything tidy and as pinterest worthy as it can be, I'll have a go at doing a room tour. How do you store your makeup and beauty products?

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