Blueberry Waffles

You know when something just tastes so good that you have to post about it? Well this happened the other morning when I put myself together an easy breakfast from a packet and a tin. An unexpected breakfast miracle. I discovered these waffles in Sainsbury's the other day, and to my surprise, there was no milk involved. I of course immediately bought 4 packs, because, well come on, why not? I don't own a waffle maker and making pancakes can be such hassle, I rarely ever bother in the mornings. Plus, batter tastes so much better in squares for some reason. Popped in the toaster for about 30 seconds, these heavenly golden squares come out warm and soft and crisp up in seconds, leaving you with the perfect soft but crunchy waffle. Mouth watering yet? No? Then read on. I then of course covered the whole thing with imitation maple syrup, Aunt Jemima syrup is one of my biggest guilty pleasures, you can get it online here. I then had a bit of a brainwave. The best waffles and pancakes I have ever eaten come from diners and places like IHOP in the states, and my favourite part about that is the little jug of blueberry syrup on the table. I'm not sure where you can find blueberry syrup in the UK, but Asda do stock little tins of blueberries in syrup, which are my go to cheat for easy muffins. I opened a can and poured out a heap of the little squishy purple berries, syrup and all, and ate the whole thing in 30 seconds flat. It tasted like a proper american breakfast, and it came from a packet of waffles and a tin of fruit, so I felt I had to share this little piece of breakfast wisdom with you. An epic breakfast sets you up for an epic day, so why settle that same mundane box of cereal you've been eating for a month? I feel like this has broken my cycle of boring breakfast, and will endeavour to eat more excitingly from now on!

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