Did anyone else read that title like a dalek? No? Just me?
Sometimes, you just need a good clear out. I realise this is a subject that some people find a bit gross, but it happens to everyone, and is just something we have to deal with! My skin is prone to large pores and therefore blockages, which is unfortunately inevitable, whether it's makeup, excess oil, or general dirt and grime from daily life. The good news is that is is entirely fixable, and sometimes you just need a good scrub! I use a combination of microdermabrasion and facial scrubs, and have put together a little selection of my favourites.
Origins Modern Friction
I got this miniature free with an order, and absolutely love it. With the tagline of "nature's gentle dermabrasion", it does just that, it is soothing and calming, and has the usual delicious and natural Origins scent to it. It leaves skin feeling smooth and polished, and is a product I will be purchasing in full size when this little sample runs out.
Elemis FreshSkin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash*
This mandarin scented scrub featuring tiny jojoba beads gently cleanses while scrubbing your pores, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean, with a light scent to it. My whole face felt softer after use.
The Body Shop Vitamin Skin Microdermabrasion*
This is one of those wonderful products that you can actually feel working. Perhaps not so great for those with sensitive skin, but if you are looking for a deep cleanse that really works, then this is the product for you. A thick, creamy formula that you apply only once or twice a week, my skin feels like it's had a deep clean out after use. Another product with a lovely orangey scent to it, this leaves skin feeling refreshed and soft, as well as clear and with pores feeling tighter.
Garnier PureActive Daily Energising Gel Scrub
A cheap product I picked up when I was away for the weekend and forgot to pack a cleanser, this has turned into one of my favourites. This grapefruit scented scrub with tiny beads for scrubbing set me back about £3, and is perfect for a quick wash and go. The gel formula also has a cooling effect, which is particularly refreshing in the mornings, and leaves pores feeling tighter and smaller.
nSpa Brightening Detox Scrub*
Sadly very nearly empty, but a definite repurchase here! This light and creamy product almost has a whipped consistency, and is gentle enough for everyday use. I tend to use this product in the shower, and find this particularly useful for breakouts, as the cool, creamy solution is particularly soothing. nSpa products are currently 2 for £8 in Asda.

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