Glamour + Nails Inc + Kate Spade

 In case you haven't heard, in this month's (well, next month technically, December) issue of Glamour Magazine, you get a free gift of a Kate Spade by Nails Inc nail polish. It is full sized, and there are four shades to choose from. The magazine itself is priced at £2, so this is a fantastic deal for magazine and nail polish lovers alike! The 4 shades are red, black (both glossy), silver and gold (both metallic). I couldn't resist this offer and so was a bit naughty and bought two copies to get two shades, but even if you bought 4 copies, you'd still get 4 polishes, AND the magazines, for a cheaper price than one regular Nails Inc polish! The shades I picked up were the metallic Soho Silver, and the glossy black New York Noir. I haven't actually worn black nail polish for a few years, having hugely overdone it in a slightly dodgy phase in my early teens, but this classy shade is rekindling my love for very dark nails, and combined with a silver accent nail, made a lovely, rather festive easy mani. The silver is metallic rather than glittery, and so comes without the hassle of glitter polish removal. The pictures show it at 2 coats, so it is actually a very strong polish for such a light shade. If you're a Nails Inc fan I'd head down to the shops ASAP, as I can see a deal as good as this selling out very quickly!

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