It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

The Red Cups are officially here! I've heard a lot of arguments going on on twitter and instagram this year that the Costa Christmas Cups are better this year, but to me, Christmas will always be a Grande Soy Gingerbread Latte in a classic red to-go cup. It's funny how it can be the little things that make you happy, and for me, it's those red cups. The tasty festive lattes are a bonus, but the cups themselves mean for me that Christmas, my favourite time of the year, is officially nearly here, and it's time to get ready. The cups always seem to arrive with the change in weather, the cold, brisk days of winter are coming in and I can wrap up in wooly jumpers, furry coats and as many pairs of socks as I like. My Ugg boots seem to become acceptable again, not that that makes any difference, but I spend every day wrapped up warm and cosy and oh so comfortable. It also means that the long evenings have arrived, although I hate the dark afternoons, the excuse to cuddle up under a blanket and light wintry candles and watch silly movies has arrived too and I won't need much persuasion! I'm especially excited to light my new Snowflake Cookie Yankee Candle. It means that it's almost time to bring out my DVD collection of Love Actually, Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, and other movies that I watch multiple times every year and never get bored. I can unpack my Christmas CD collection, and play my recent addition from last christmas - A Very She & Him Christmas, and swoon over my lifelong girl crush's crooning vocals on Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. I can now walk around my house singing both parts of 'Baby Its Cold Outside' looking less weird than I would have done a month ago. It's almost time to think about decorating, where I can cover everything in sparkling tinsel and glowing lights, and everything begins to look much happier on those dark winter afternoons. I've already started present shopping, I love it even more than regular shopping, especially wrapping everything up in red, green and gold. So that's why I can't, and won't stop harping on about those red paper cups. What are you excited about this year? I'd love to hear about what starts off the festive season for you!

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