Nails Of The Day: Red and Gold

You might have spotted through my instagram and twitter feeds that I had a very exciting evening last week where I got to be a hand model for a night with My Salon Looks! It was a lot of fun and a lovely evening chatting nails and all things beauty related, so keep your eyes peeled for more to come on that one! After the shots were taken, I was very kindly treated to some nail art by the super talented Stephanie Staunton. She is an absolute nail genius and such an artist, with her designs being featured in magazines, adverts and on some very famous nails too, including Leona Lewis in her recent XFactor appearance. To go with my glossy OPI's Big Apple Red mani, Stephanie gave me a gorgeous accent nail in gold leaf, which I haven't been able to take my eyes off since application. It glistens in the light, shines all day, and generally makes me smile when I look at my hands. Stephanie is based in Kent and is also available for freelance work, make sure you check out her website for more info!

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