Review: Green People Age Defy+ Lip and Eye Line Eraser

Now I may be fairly young, but already I'm beginning to show those dreaded signs of ageing. I found my first grey hairs a little while ago, and keep getting a stubborn grey eyebrow hair that insists on growing back (I know, yuck!). In terms of skin, all is fine so far, bar some pigmentation and some fine lines appearing around my eyes. I know exactly where they are from, I have spent years squinting without my glasses on, and these tiny little lines are appearing around the outer corners of my eyes and don't want to budge. I'm not reaching for the anti-ageing cream yet, but it was keen to give this new product from Green People a go and see what it could do! Green People are known for their totally natural products and I have featured them before, I love their ethical, environmentally friendly stance on skincare, and the gorgeous scents that come from using organically grown ingredients. They have recently released their new Age Defy+ range, aimed at women over 35, as a youth enhancing range to create a natural anti ageing routine packed with plant actives. I realise I am no where near that age bracket yet, but went with it anyway, and have been very pleased with the results! The Age Defy+ Lip & Eye Line Eraser* is a serum that comes in a handy little pump bottle for easy application. This product is no exception to the range and comes with that gorgeous fresh trademark scent, which I love as it actually feels natural when you apply it. The product sinks in fairly quickly, leaving my skin feeling tight and firm. For a product that dries so fast, it is surprisingly moisturising, which is a bonus in terms of lip and eye care. I love the packaging, the silver band on this new range looks smart and stylish, and I think the selection of products would make a great gift, and I believe Green People offer some lovely gift packaging too when ordered online. Will you be checking out this new anti-ageing range?

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