Review: Phil Smith-Be Gorgeous SOS Rescue Haircare

Let's face it, as hard as we try to keep our hair in a pristine, shiny condition, life will get in the way. Whether it's your hair straighteners, or indoor heating, or even salty seaside air, hair often gets dry and generally a bit unhappy, especially at this time of year. Phil Smith's SOS Rescue* range is the perfect antidote for dry, and generally frazzled hair, and is a treat that you can use as often as you like. Enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil, this shampoo, conditioner and Hot Iron Mist is ideal for those looking to repair minor hair woes, and protect against future damage, and thanks to that magical ingredient, it smells delicious! I have found in the past that products featuring argan oil tend to be quite heavy, and can overload my naturally fine hair, but I found these products, although very moisturising, still very light, and therefore suitable for regular, even everyday use. I love the packaging, the red and gold really stands out, and looks gorgeous in my shower! After a week's worth of washes, my boyfriend actually commented on how thick my hair looked, which is a fairly big deal! It feels nourished, soft and fairly bushy in a good way, my hair thickens up when it is happy, which I find rather impressive for hair that has been dyed repeatedly for 5 years. Each product costs £3.99, considerably cheaper than expected for the quality you receive. Phil Smith haircare is available at Sainsbury's.

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