Tea For Two

First of all, I hope you all had a lovely Halloween. You'll be pleased to hear that my pumpkin obsession will have to take a back seat now for the rest of the year, and so I can now go back to focussing on some of my other loves, today's being tea! I love drinking tea, but perhaps my favourite thing about the classic hot drink is the wonderfully British event of afternoon tea. I don't take much persuading to sit down and have a brew and a cake, and often will do it multiple times a day. I'm not talking many teapots or endless stands of fondant fancies, as lovely as that is, but of taking a few minutes out of your day to sit down, have a chat, and chill out over a cuppa. I was recently sent this gorgeous mug and cake tin set by Joules*, who I previously did not know of as a homewares stockists, to me they are famous for their beautiful floral printed clothing and outdoor inspired necessities, like wellies and equestrian essentials. Being a country bumpkin myself, I've always been a fan of Joules, their ethos and style appeals to my inner countryside dwelling field explorer. As soon as I saw these gorgeous woodland creature decorated pieces, I just loved them, and wanted to display them with pride in my kitchen, as well as fill them with baked goods and a toasty brew! 
Although we like to pretend we're city folk and love Brighton dearly, my other half and I are both from the deepest darkest corners of the Cotswolds, from two villages about a 10 minute drive apart. We often find ourselves craving green and trees so love a good exploration out onto the Downs. You should see how excited we get when we see a city fox, or a bird other than a gull or pigeon! We sat down and had tea and apple muffins (recipe coming soon!) the other day, and loved the fox, hare and badger print tea and cake accessories. It sounds like a cliche but its these little things made me think of home, and if that's what makes you happy, then that's not a bad thing at all. I think these sets would make the most lovely gifts for countryside and woodland creature lovers alike, and I can see them being a permanent instalment in my kitchen for years to come! 
Joules Badger Mug
Joules Hare Mug
Joules Cake Tins

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