Teapigs Spiced Winter Red Tea

As you may well know, I am a HUGE tea fan. I am rarely spotted without a cuppa close at hand, especially in these cold months. I absolutely love all kinds of tea, especially interesting flavoured blends, so jumped at the chance to try out this Spiced Winter Red Tea* when I was offered some by the lovely people at teapigs. I made myself up a cup with the one of the glorious silk tea temples, and had one of those wonderful little happy dance moments as soon as I tasted it. It genuinely tastes like Christmas. I think I even shouted at my boyfriend "it tastes like Christmas!" while I was drinking it. It's probably not that normal to get so excited over a cup of tea, but when you find one that is just so delicious, I reckon it's worth shouting about. It's a rooibos tea too, meaning you can drink it before bed time with no caffeine worries. Made with orange, cloves and cinnamon, this cosy beverage is just what you need to warm yourself up on a chilly winters evening, I've personally been drinking it by the bucket load snuggled up under a blanket, though I am saving some for the next few weeks as it would make the perfect companion for an evening of christmas movies.
This gorgeous tea is available online here, and I am very excited to offer you the chance to grab it for 20% off (not valid on cheeky deals, mix & match and match kits), when you use the code XMAS13 !
The lovely snowman packaging would make a great christmas gift too, along with so many of teapigs' products, so make sure you check out their website!

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