The Lovely List

Here are some lovely things I have been enjoying this week:
My iPhone case: 
This cost me a mere pound, and is just so pretty, it makes me smile whenever I look at it!
Yankee Candle Snowflake Cookie Wax Tart:
I actually bought a medium jar candle of this scent as I just love it so much, but am saving it for a little closer to christmas. Thanks to this wax tart, I can enjoy the gorgeously sweet smell a little bit earlier than planned!
Owl Hand Warmers:
I was given a set of these by my lovely boyfriend last christmas, and as the temperature has dropped, they have become a permanent addition to my handbag. They feature a reusable gel handwarmer inside a knitted owl with the softest fleecy back you have ever felt. They are definitely making my rather chilly early starts much more bearable!
Nakd Strawberry Crunch bar:
If you haven't tried one of these tasty snacks yet, you're missing out! Gluten, wheat and dairy free, these tasty snacks are completely natural, and come in loads of yummy flavours (the chocolate one is amazing too!)
ELF Lipstick in Ripe Rose:
Not my normal colour choice at all, but this dark pinkish red has become my favourite lippy of the moment. The darker colour is a lovely transitional shade for autumn and very easy to wear.

What's on your lovely list this week?

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