The View From My Window

Just a quick one from me today! I've had a rather busy day of lectures and uni work, and was sat at my desk around half an hour ago when something bright caught my eye in my mirror. I turned around to see the reflection to find that the sky was on fire. I find it amazing how within the space of ten minutes, the sky can turn from dark blue with grey gathering clouds, to an inferno of reds, yellows, purples and oranges, and then back into darkness. I loved sunsets back home in the west country, we seemed to get so many rich pinks and purples, especially in the late autumn and winter. By the sea they get so much brighter, with shimmering golds and burning oranges and yellows. I'm so glad it reflected in my mirror, or I would have missed it. Make sure you stop and stare out of the window every once in a while!

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