My Perfect (Festive) Girl's Night In

Lets face it, this time of year it is far too cold to be thinking about going out. Even a walk to the shops after dark is regrettable without a full coat/hat/gloves combination, and what's the fun in a night out if you can't show off your prettiest new dress? As a non drinker myself, nights in have always been preferable, to me there is nothing quite as lovely as an evening with the girls, chick flicks on the telly and some tasty treats! A survey I read recently suggested I'm not alone, as 70% of women in the UK also prefer a cosy night at home, compared to one out on the town. My perfect night in would definitely be a cosy one, and especially at this time of year, I couldn't host a girl's night without my favourite festive movie, Love Actually. According to the survey, 50% of Brightonian's agree that Movies are key to a perfect night, so this would hopefully impress my guests. To accompany, I'd need my new holy grail kitchen item, this Galaxy Drinking Chocolate (plus marshmallows of course), which, would you believe, is dairy free! Hoorah! If we're drinking chocolate, we may as well be eating it too, this Ritter Sport square with marzipan is also free from dairy, and tastes incredible. So my perfect girl's night is basically a chocolate fuelled chick flick frenzy, with the more onesies and fluffy slippers the better! What would make your perfect night in? 

[this post was written in collaboration with Ladbrokes Bingo]

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