Picture Post: An Evening With Lush

Last week, the Brighton Bloggers were let loose in Lush for the evening, and I was just like a kid in the funkiest smelling, most colourful candy shop you have ever seen! The lovely Lyndsay from Fizzy Peaches very kindly organised a lock in at the Brighton Lush store, where we got to have a peek at the new Christmas range, try out some of the products, and even make some of our own! If you've never been to a Lush store before, then you are missing out. The moment you walk through the door (and sometimes on the street outside), you are hit with the most amazing wave of scented loveliness. Lush stock a variety of bath, body and cosmetic products, all of which are created fresh, with no packaging, and often made in the UK.
During the evening, we had a demonstration of some massage bars, sweet scented, chocolatey bars, almost like soap, which melt in your hands to product a gorgeous, moisturising oil. We got to take a look at their fragrance range, which has the magical ability to change from person to person. Depending on your body temperature and other things, the fragrances adapt to create one personalised to your skin, and incredibly, smelled entirely different on 8 people's wrists. We then got to have a go at making one of Lush's most popular products, The Comforter Bubble Bar. This is a sweet smelling solid bar that when crumbled under running water, creates an intensely bubbly bath. It was amazing to make it there and then, with simple ingredients, showing just how natural and friendly the products are. 
We were treated to drinks and snacks, including some absolutely amazing cake pops by Cakecetera, organised by the lovely Sami of That Red Head Said, kindly modelled by the gorgeous Fiona from Fifi McGee. I came away with a little bag of shopping that I just couldn't resist, including one of those super cute penguins, but will tell you more about that next week. What is your favourite Lush product?

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