Review: Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eyeliner

Eye of Horus - Liquid Define Eyeliner* - £13.00
I've always been a bit of an eyeliner addict. Back in the day, I wouldn't leave the house without big smudgy rings around both eyes, and got through multiple pencils, pens, pots of the stuff every month. Luckily things have moved on a bit since then, and I've learned that less is more, and am quite happy to go with minimal liner, or even none at all. My favourite kind though is a bit of a cat eye flick, but to do so, you need a steady hand and some precision tools. Eye of Horus are an Australian brand that has recently launched in the UK, and their new product makes this style so easy to do, and doesn't even matter too much if your hand gets a bit wobbly. Featuring a felt tip pen lid, all you need to do is sweep it over your eyelid and you're good to go. It dries almost instantly too, great if you're as clumsy as I am. The pen gives thick, jet black colour, allowing you to really define your eyes. It is incredibly long lasting too, I am pleased to report that it survived smudge-free when I fell asleep in the afternoon with it on. I have used pen type liners before but have been disappointed with their short life span, but this pen has the amazing feature of a reversible nib to improve longevity. I love the black and gold packaging too, the sleek pen would make a lovely addition to any collection. Have you tried any products from Eye of Horus yet?

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