Review: Magnitone Pulsar

 Nobody panic, but I may have found the end to all my pore based woes. I recently got the opportunity to try out the Magnitone Pulsar*, a new product designed for both face and body, and you have been able to hear my skin screaming 'thank you' ever since. My skin has always had lots of large pores, which inevitably get clogged (sorry, gross word), no matter what kind of immaculate routine I stick to. My routine, up until now, had involved huge amounts of exfoliating on a regular basis to keep my skin clear, avoid those nasty under the skin bumps, and worse, blackheads. Even the thought of them makes me shudder. That was until I started using this clever little brush, and the results have been incredible. The soft little bristles gently pulse and rotate, cleaning, exfoliating and buffing all in one go. After a few uses, my pores were clearer and visible smaller, and after two weeks use, I have not had my usual issues, and am happy to report my pores are unclogged and rather unnoticeable! The brush features four settings:-
Deep Clean,
PulseLift Massage,
To use it, pick your setting (I start on Sensitive and work my way through), apply your usual cleanser, wet the brush if you like, though I tend to use mine in the shower, and slowly glide it over your face for 1 minute, twice a day. All the settings feel like a massage, and I find this particularly relaxing to use before bed. As the cleanser is worked into the brush, I have found myself needing much less, which is a money saving bonus.
The Magnitone Pulsar is also designed for use on the body, including after shaving to reduce irritation after hair removal. I have been using it on my underarms post shave, and have found them softer with no redness, which is fab. I have also been using it on the pesky dry/flaky skin on the backs of my arms, leaving them softer and with fewer red bumps. I tend to use it in the shower, it is waterproof which is great, and easy to use and interchange between the facial and body brush heads.
The Magnitone Pulsar retails at £129.99, but is currently on offer at for £64.99, and more information is available at I think this product is great investment for anyone with problem skin, and the perfect Christmas gift for anyone keen on skincare, or just after better skin!

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