Review: Phil Smith Big It Up! Haircare Range

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous: Big It Up! Range*
For the first time in years, my hair has reached lengths beneath my shoulders and has actually stayed that way. Having always been easily bored with my hair, I would regularly chop, style and colour it entirely differently to how it was before, but to give my poor locks a rest, I have been letting it grow and leaving it to do its own thing. I am loving having the longest hair I've had in years, but having naturally fine hair, I am not loving how flat it is. Left to dry by itself, it practically sticks to my head, leaving me with a particularly unflattering 'girl from The Ring' style do when left to its own devices. I have been on a volume quest for quite a while now, and I'm pleased to report that I've found the solution! Enter Phil Smith's Big It Up! range, a super easy haircare system that gave me bounce after the first use. Consisting of a Volume Boosting Shampoo and Conditioner duo, mousse, spray and cream, there is everything you need to restore your hair to a big, thick and springy mane. The products are all light, leaving no residue or heavy build up to weigh it down, and the conditioner is as softening as you'd want any regular conditioner to be. Used alone, the shampoo and conditioner add an amazing amount of volume, but the extras just take it that little bit further and add longevity. My boyfriend even commented on how thick my hair looked after use, which shows how obvious the difference was! My favourite thing about the range was just how easy it was to use, I applied the products and blow dried as normal, no crazy new techniques needed to get a much bigger, more boosted style. They all have a gorgeous salon worthy scent to them too, which is a great bonus. All of these products are available in Sainsbury's for between £2.99 and £3.99 (bargain!), but if you go quick, some of them are half price!!

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