Sponsored Video: J20 Glitterberry and a Party Pug

So the Christmas season is well and truly upon us, and you've probably realised by now how much I love it. Nothing makes me smile more than cheesy movies, sparkling lights and gingerbread lattes, but I do have a little pet hate about the season. As a non-drinker, Christmas parties and events can be a little tricky. First off, theres the what do I drink dilemma (please, please not another diet coke!), but then theres the dealing with everyone else who's had one too many mulled wines, or more likely, unsuccessful vodka & coke and shots combinations. Now I definitely don't have anything against people who drink, as it's all about having a bit of fun, but drunk people being ill and making a complete fool of themselves, no thank you! J2O have luckily come up with an solution to both of my problems with their gorgeous Glitterberry Drink, and their helpful party pug, who has created some golden rules to help avoid those sticky (yuck!) situations. If you haven't yet tried Glitterberry, then you're missing out. It is ACTUALLY glittery. As a complete magpie, nothing appeals to me more than sparkles, so being able to drink them too, all whilst warding off the boredom of a lemonade at the bar, is incredible. It tastes awesome too, with festive spices, it is such a refreshing alternative to have at Christmas time, and allows us non-drinkers to not miss out on having something interesting in our glasses! And as per avoiding festive disasters if you do decide to stick to something more alcoholic, have a watch of the video, and listen to the pug!

                                                                                                This post is sponsored by J2O, but all my views are my own.