Style Post: Christmas Pudding

Jumper* - George at Asda
Bobble Hat - Jack Wills
Faux Fur Coat - eBay
Cord Skinny Trousers - old, similar here
Boots - George (Kids) at Asda

I am so glad it is finally December, as I can wear festive jumpers all month long with minimal judging looks. I absolutely love festive clothing, and so was so happy when the postman brought me this cosy Christmas Pudding Jumper! The berry on top is even a big old knitted bobble, and I can't stop playing with it in public (giggle). The icing on the pudding is a furrier knit than the rest of it, making a lovely fluffy effect, and adding to the 3d design. The cream knit jumper, pudding aside, is absolutely lovely. It's a fairly thick knit, and oh so soft, meaning it's just as warm and comfy as it is awesome. I've had a peek through the rest of the collection and think I will be investing in a few more, it is so well made for such a bargain! I've got my eye on this Polar Bear Jumper next. My favourite thing about this jumper is that it is so wearable, a novelty design but definitely not a novelty item! I have to mention my brand new boots as well, I discovered a hole in my trusty primark pair, and so had a browse through George while doing my food shopping, and to my amazement found a comfy pair that actually fit my silly size 2 feet, for the grand total of £16 in the kids section. I also found they stock up to size 6, which is fab for us petite footed ladies The faux fur coat was a recent bargain on eBay, and all together makes up my now, cosiest winter outfit, and I can't see myself wearing much else for the rest of the month! Do you have a favourite festive jumper?

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