What's On My Face?

I feel like it's been ages since I've done a 'face of the day' style post, and it's probably a good idea to show my face (pun intended) on here every once in a while. After posting this review on The Body Shop's Smokey Eye Palette, I had a lot of comments from people interested in swatches, and since I've had it on pretty much every day since opening it, I'm being brave and sharing a swatch on my face. I have been wearing a blend of the top two shadows in the palette, a pale, neutral pink, and a more shimmery cranberry pink, and just love the colours they produce. The colour sits so nicely with my ever favourite Laura Geller blush, and more recently discovered No7 BB Lips, making for a fairly well matched colour scheme. For a general base I have been loving The Body Shop's Moisture Foundation, but forgot to include it the picture. So, for the actual 'what's on my face':





What's on your face at the moment?

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