Being Braver: Going For The Chop!

short hair IMG_8700
So I posted about my goals for this year a little while ago, and you may recall one of them involving being braver. Well today I feel like I have already done pretty well on that, as I got up this morning and got my hair chopped off! I had been thinking about it for ages but was unsure whether or not it would suit me, I've had long hair for quite some time now. I'd coloured it so many times the ends were so dry and nasty, and a major trim was in order to get it back to a more natural state. In the interests of being brave, decided the best thing to do was just go for it, I mean, what's the worst that could happen?! Turns out I absolutely love it and should have opted for shorter hair a long time ago, and shouldn't really have worried at all. I also treated myself to the gorgeous flowers you can see in the background on the way home, and am mentally adding 'buy more flowers' onto my goals list, such a simple way to brighten your day!
My cut was done by the lovely Sarah of My Salon Looks in Hove, everyone there was absolutely lovely and Sarah listened to exactly what I wanted and gave me such a lovely new style, so I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're looking for something new!

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