Burger Kult at The Mash Tun

A little while ago I received the best possible tweet you could imagine - telling me I'd won a meal out at a burger place. Free burgers! Hoorah! Thanks to the lovely people at my university as part of a recent 'refreshers' week, Loz and I trotted off to The Mash Tun to see what it was all about. I'd walked past The Mash Tun a million times and never actually been in. Not being a drinker, I'm not a huge pub goer unless there is food involved, and didn't actually realise they served food here. But it's not just any food, it's Burger Kult. The pictures speak for themselves, but in case you were wondering, Burger Kult is the most glorious collection of food porn gathered into one menu; 9 burgers, each more mouth wateringly naughty than the one before.
Loz and I both went for the 'Chuck Satan' - chopped chuck steak burger, maple bacon, caramelised red onion relish, Applewood smoked cheddar and apple butter bbq sauce. I had mine without the cheese of course, but I can report, with or without cheese, this is the most insane burger to ever come into contact with my taste buds. The flavours of all the extras balance beautifully making every bite a blend of sweet and savoury, with a little bit of salad to even out the meat overload. The burger itself was some tasty meat, crumbly but soft and oh so juicy, and topped with some seriously heavenly bacon. The chips are pretty good too, if you haven't been conquered by the burger first! Burger Kult is going to have to become a regular thing in my life, it's just too tasty not too! Have you been before?

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