Current Beauty Favourites

beauty favourites
My usual unquenchable thirst for beauty products seems to have calmed a little recently and I feel like I've settled into a routine with my makeup. Perhaps down to being so busy at the moment, I've whittled down my collection into a selection of products that I am using day in day out, saving a lot of time and deliberation in the mornings!
Starting with The Body Shop's Moisture Foundation, this foundation is the only one I've ever owned that perfectly matches my skin tone and the only one I've ever repurchased. Shade 02 has a yellower toned base than the average super pale foundation, the majority look pink on my skin and this just suits me better than anything else I've ever tried. The coverage is fairly light but it lasts all day, and just fits me perfectly really! Next up is Nars' Orgasm Blush.  Possibly one of the most iconic blushes around at the moment, this speaks for itself really. My second Nars product and definitely not my last, this creates a natural looking flush with just the right amount of shimmer. Next up is a forever-repurchased favourite, Rimmel's Glam Eyes Liquid Liner. I've been loving the cat-eye style flick recently and this super thin liner makes it rather easy to do.
Now I'm not usually a lip gloss fan, recently opting for a matte lip more often than not. I was given this gloss by Soap and Glory by my lovely Mum at Christmas and I have to say, I'm becoming a bit of a gloss convert again. It has the most amazing plumping effect, much more than I was expecting would be possible. The peachy shade is really flattering for my pale skin too - I'd definitely recommend giving this a try!
Next up is a hand cream, a product I could not live without in these cold months. I actually got this as a magazine freebie a little while ago, but definitely one I will be buying in full when it runs out. L'Occitane's Shea Butter Hand Cream in Loving Rose has a lovely light floral scent and magical moisturising powers keeping wintry dry skin at bay. Last, but definitely not least is Origin's Drink Up Intensive, an absolute wonder product that I just can't go without. Moisturising and softening whilst smelling absolutely divine, this product has become an absolute skincare necessity for me!

What are your current beauty favourites?

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