Dear 2014...

I realise I may be a little bit (well, 8 days) late for the resolutions bandwagon, but resolutions aren't really what I'm after here. Resolutions to me seem to be sweeping statements that I've usually broken a week into January, leaving me feeling rather flat and uninspired for the rest of the month, let alone new year ahead, and thats not what this year is going to be about. Instead I'm setting myself a few goals to keep improving on, none of this 'new year new me' stuff; it's still very much me, but a me I will keep building on to get where I want to be.
I bought myself this journal by Frankie magazine to record my progress and adventures. I've never kept a proper journal before, other than this blog obviously, but I am going to try and stick to it, but if I don't write every day, it's not the end of the world. Please excuse the poor blurring out job too, but it would be right sharing my secrets now, would it?
So this year, my plans and goals are to:

There is nothing I love more than discovering new places, and walking out in the wild, so I plan to do a whole lot more of it. I am going to try to go somewhere I have never been before every month, and try new things as often as I can. This doesn't just refer to exploring either, I plan to be much more adventurous in everyday life, and generally be a bit braver.

Be Brave
Continuing on from my last goal, I plan on stepping out of my comfort zone a little more often this year. A few months ago I finally started getting some treatment for an anxiety disorder, and hadn't really realised how bad it was getting until it began to lift a little. I think it was really stopping me from doing things I would have done a few years ago, much preferring to stay at home in the comfort of my own room and company of people I know and my laptop, but that's not really the right way to do it. As I'm beginning to feel a bit better, I feel ready to do more things, and plan to help myself along by being a little bit braver every day, whether that involves wearing bright red lipstick, or doing something entirely new, but either way proving to myself that I am just that little bit braver than I think.

...what I want to, when I want to. Posting every day is all well and good until you run out of things to say, and then it becomes forced and not so true any more. I am learning that it really doesn't matter if I skip a few days, or even a week, it will always be there waiting for me when I come back to it, and hey, some of you might even be there waiting for me too, and that's just pretty wonderful if you ask me! I am also going to write about whatever I want to, even if it is completely bizarre and unrelated to what I normally do, but thats the beauty of adventuring more and discovering new things.

...and work hard. I may not be entirely satisfied with where I am work wise right now, but its important to remember that it's a means to an end, and the more effort I put in now, the more it will pay off in the not so distant future.

I just about manage to stay on top of things now in terms of working, studying, blogging etc, but this year I would really like to sort out everything else. I have a lot of crap laying around, and if I don't need it, I'm certain there is someone out there who might. I found this quote recently, and plan on sticking to it from now on:
'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.' - William Morris

Think Happy Thoughts
This one speaks for itself really, but the power of positive thinking really is quite extraordinary, and would do us all the power of good to use it a little more often. I read somewhere recently that you should wake up every day telling yourself you are in a good mood, and then as if by magic, you will be. Keeping pleasant thoughts inside your head will hopefully spread into your life around you, so this year I plan on being happy, and staying happy, by thinking happy.

I feel like this goals are much easier to have a go at than the unattainable targets I usually set myself, and I plan on carrying them out to the best of my ability. Here's to a happy, healthy, exciting, productive and all round lovely year ahead!

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