My Glasses Collection

I've had quite a few questions lately about my glasses, namely the pair on the top which I wear the most often, so I thought I'd put together a little post about where you can get your hands on them. I personally am both long and short sighted (one in each eye), and have an astigmatism in both, possibly the most annoying prescription out there. None of them are particularly strong, but all combined make for some rather blurry vision, making me a permanent glasses wearer. I've tried contacts but just don't really get along with them. I absolutely love having multiple pairs of glasses as it means I can coordinate them with what I'm wearing, and pick and choose my favourite on the day. This is only possible down to how unbelievably cheap they all were, so let me let you in on my little secret...
Tortoiseshell Frames
Black and Blue Frames*
Black Straight Frames
Matte Black Frames
All of my pairs cost £6, with no sneaky extra lens costs or anything like that. They are made of plastic and the lenses need cleaning regularly, but are a fantastic quality for the price. They come with a plastic case and cleaning cloth, and all of mine have taken less than 2 weeks to arrive. I would highly recommend giving Selectspecs a visit as they have a huge range of frames to choose from, and as you can see, are priced rather reasonably. Where are your glasses from? 

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