Soft & Comfy Shopping

You know what they say about food shopping when hungry? Well I've found something just as tempting - clothes shopping when cold and achey. I popped into Primark to pick up some jeans - I should have known by now you don't just nip into Primark for only one thing! I found myself surrounded by super cheap jumpers, scarves, pyjamas and all things cosy, and so couldn't resist taking a few of them home with me! I did get the jeans too, so it was still a fairly successful trip!
I had been looking for a pair of 'loungepants' or pj leggings after lusting after a hugely overpriced pair in Jack Wills. I'm rather glad I resisted as I picked up this wonderful grey pair for £6 in the pjs section, they are supersoft and becoming my duvet-day attire of choice. I spotted the hot water bottle in with the pjs too, not owning one previously I decided to treat myself, I love the festive jumper-esq pattern on the sleeve, and at £5, it was a bit of a bargain! I have been living in an H&M cable knit jumper over the recent months in a lovely burgundy-red, so decided to get a similar one to wear while its in the wash. This cream jumper has scalloped edges around the bottom and sleeves making it as pretty as it is warm and cosy!
No shopping trip of course would be complete without a trip into Boots, where I found this gorgeous Philosophy Sweet Fluffy Cupcake shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath at a rather lovely 50% off. I was very pleased with my little haul, especially at the sweet scented bubble baths followed by cosy pj evenings its going to bring! Have you had any shopping successes recently?

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