Sunday Thoughts

border terriers
This week has been a rather lovely one as it ended with a visit with my favourite two furry friends! I LOVE how well they are getting on now, after just over a year of living together, Daisy will quite happily come and sit close with Fen, they are almost at the snuggling stage, but not quite there yet! They love a good snuggle with a person though, for me there is nothing quite as wonderful as laying down for a snooze in front of the fire with two rather warm and cosy puppies!

I'm becoming a bit of an instagram addict again, this week having posted 16 pictures to choose from. But narrowing it down, this week I lived in my cosy primark jumper due to being absolutely freezing! The rest of the week was fairly uninteresting due to a lot of procrastination and a friday assignment deadline, but the second picture is proof that I completed it, and handed it in on time! The next shows a celebratory morning breakfast of tea and waffles while enjoying a new catalogue - my favourite! I finished the weekend with a little road trip to see the family, so of course couldn't resist 'gramming my journey essentials of a large (blueberry flavoured!) bubble tea and Loz's customary caramel latte!

I'm an avid pinner so thought this week I'd use Pinterest to help get out of the wardrobe rut I've been stuck in recently. I've been pinning outfits featuring items I own to a) remind me that I own them and b) for a bit of inspiration on how to wear them. I've found it to be really helpful and I am already wearing things I wouldn't usually think to wear, so am planning on keeping this up to keep my wardrobe looking interesting!

What have you been up to this week?

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