What's In My Bag (Organiser)?

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I think 'what's in my bag' posts might actually be my favourite kind of post! I do them fairly often, but my bag contents change around quite a bit, and so does my bag. I recently invested in a bag organiser, well I say invested, it set me back the grand total of £3.99, and am absolutely loving this added touch of organisation to my life. If you change handbags around fairly often like me then this might be just what you need, you literally pop it into your next bag with your contents complete. It's covered in little mesh pockets for all your knick-knacks, with a large pocket in the middle (expandable by poppers) and two zip pockets that run the length of it, which are the perfect size to house an iPad mini or something similar! As you can see by my picture it houses a lot too, and fits in the majority of my handbags rather nicely! As to the contents:
chewing gum - keys - nakd cocoa delight bar (dairy and gluten free, worth a try if you haven't!) - vitamin e face mist - mini moleskine (my to-do list book)
business cards - card holder  - iPad mini (case here) - railcard - vanilla bean noel pocketbac - vanilla snowflake pocketbac - vanilla bliss hand cream
iPhone (case here) - wallet - merry marshmallow fragrance mist - diary/journal
What do you keep in your bag? If you've done a post like this recently then please leave me a link below!

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