An Ode to Shower Gel

super beauty
Super Beauty Raspberry and Cranberry Bath and Shower Gel - £2.49
Super Beauty Vanilla and Honey Bath and Shower Gel - £2.49
After a long day, or a chilly night, there is nothing I love more than a long hot shower. Baths are great for relaxing, and you can't beat a good mountain of bubbles, but sometimes you just need to be clean. It's one of those simple things in life that never gets old, and recently I've actually found myself looking forward to that wash when I get home, especially after long working days on your feet, and recent adventures off round the country. I think shower gels are a hugely underrated product in the beauty world. The first beauty related products I owned were shower gels, The Body Shop and Boots Natural Collection in particular, and have been a permanent fixture in my body and beauty routine since around the age of 12. I don't talk about them very often, but I have a rather large collection, so thought I'd share some recent gems I picked up.
I'm a huge fan of Philosphy's absolutely gorgeous bath and shower gels, my recent favourites being Pumpkin Pie and Frosted Cupcake, but I'm not such a fan of the £14 price tag. I managed to get on recently on half price, but £7 is still a fairly hefty sum, meaning I don't end up using it as often as I'd like for fear of running out. I had a snoop through Boots recently after a cheaper but just as tasty smelling alternative, and spotted these two at the magical price of £2.49. I took them home, honestly not expecting too much for the cheap price, but was so pleased as soon as I got them in the shower. They foam and bubbly beautifully, even with just a little product used, and release the most gorgeous whole bathroom filling scents, that genuinely smell like the fruit they are based on. They are exactly the same size as the Philosophy scents too, so excellent value for money. I'm not saying they'll replace my love for the brand, but they'll definitely do a good job at tiding me over in the mean time!

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