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Something magical happened today. I woke up to sunshine, blue skies and birds singing. Not seagulls yelling at me from the roof of the crazy lady opposite who feeds them, but genuine song birds singing a beautiful tune as the sun came up. I wondered for a moment where on earth I could be, and came to the conclusion that it was in fact Brighton, but the Brighton I love, not the one we've been suffering through recently. That glorious sky a million miles wide had reappeared, so I grabbed my camera and trotted on down to the beach, desperate to soak up any rays I could grab of that magical sunshine. The beach did not disappoint, despite looking a little worse for wear in places. The pebbles are in funny places, theres a whole lot of debris around and everything's rather soggy, but it's still as beautiful as it ever is. I feel bad that, especially in the winter months, I don't go out in this lovely city anywhere near as often as I could, or should. I shouldn't wait for a sunny occasion to go out and about, so from now, I promise to explore a little more often. Sorry for neglecting you a bit, Brighton, but here's to more beautiful days out!

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