DIY Candle Holders

candle holders IMG_9408 IMG_9411 candle holders
If you follow me on pinterest you may have spotted a pattern forming recently, as I can't seem to stop pinning all things gold. I also can't seem to stay away from sites like Anthropologie and Zara Home with a hypothetical basket full of home accessories, but sadly have more important things to spend my money on at the moment. I permanently have candles lit when I'm at home but only in plain little jars or holders, so thought I'd have a go at decorating my own.
Thanks to pinterest, I've discovered my favourite colour palette of the moment, in white, gold, blush and mint, so I couldn't resist picking up some tubes of metallic/pearl acrylic paint in these shades last time I was in the stationers. The candles holders are an absolutely bargain at two for £1 in Asda, but are a little plain by themselves, so I had a go at sprucing them up a bit.
I painted directly onto the glass after sellotaping a guide around the gold one to ensure a straight line. For the patterned one I just painted up the glass in little brush strokes. I loved how this turned out, I think it looks like an ice cream stall or something similar with the pastel shades. For both, I painted them in the evening, left them to try overnight before painting a second coat. When the gold one was almost dry I peeled off the sellotape. For a cheap and easy little project, I thought they turned out rather well, and now I have a much prettier way of burning my 'Soft Blanket' scented tea lights!

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