DIY Gold Makeup Storage

makeup storage IMG_9442 IMG_9443 IMG_9447 IMG_9533
I've had this little obsession lately. I can't seem to stop painting things gold. You might have seen my post last week on some DIY Tealight holders, if you missed it you can have a read here. As well as this little project, I haven't been able to leave the gold paint alone, most of my stationery items are now gold, I'll be moving onto the furniture next. I've even ordered a large bag of gold glitter, so things are about to get more sparkly in the next week!
But anyway, onto this project. I do love my acrylic makeup storage, but it is a little boring! I bought this 3 drawer set  a little while ago, it's actually supposed to be a desk organiser but it works just the same. I saw a picture of an acrylic and gold jewellery box on pinterest and thought I'd give this a go, and was really pleased how it turned out. It was super easy too, I laid out a guide by going around the edges with sellotape leaving enough space in between to paint, then got painting. Like the candle holders, I painted it in the evening and left it to dry overnight before giving it a second coat in the morning. It's such a simple thing to do yet I think it really spruces up the plain drawers, with the added bonus of it matching my candle holders!
Now my only issue is: what can I paint next?!

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