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hair routine
Since I've had some rather updated hair recently I thought it was time I should post an update hair routine! I recently chopped my fairly long hair into a bob and have been absolutely loving it. I find I can do so much more with it, since my hair is so fine, styling it has become much easier. Washing it is a treat too, it takes a third of the time and dries so much quicker. I have settled into a fairly regular styling routine, and the best bit is that it takes virtually no time at all!
1. Shampoo &
2. Conditioner
Like most people, I was so excited to see the original Herbal Essences back on the shelves. The heavenly scent is unbeatable, and they give your hair such a good clean, while retaining a good level of moisture. They leave no build up and I can happily go for a good few days in between washes with these, and definitely recommend them if you're looking to go back to basics with your hair.
3. Treat
If you're looking for a high-shine silky finish, then you need to get some Moroccanoil in your life. It smells absolutely divine and leaves hair feeling treated far beyond what I'd normally expect to achieve at home. It is fairly pricy, but a teeny tiny bit goes a very long way, especially on short hair. I use the light version as my hair is quite fine. I apply it on to towel dried hair before blowdrying.
4. Style
I then blowdry my hair fairly roughly until it is almost dry, then style with Tresemme's Texture Style Velvet Creme by warming a small blob in my fingers and using it to separate the layers in my hair and tousle the tips. I then finish drying by tipping my head upside down for a bit of volume.
5. Style some more.
I'm loving the texturised messy look at the moment, so spray my layers and ends of my hair with VO5's Give Me Texture spray and ruffle it about a bit with my fingers (technical term there!)
6. Set
I finish it off with a good spray of hairspray to keep it all in place. I use quite a lot as given the chance my hair will quickly return itself to its natural flat state. I love this spray by Trevor Sorbie as I can use loads without it getting crunchy, and it leaves a lovely shine with a firm hold.

What are your hair must-haves at the moment?

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