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Hi, my name's Carrie, and I'm an insomniac.
I have this unfortunate condition in which I don't really sleep. Currently, I do, thanks to treatment from my doctor, but left to my own devices, I have one of the stranger sleeping habits you'll come across. An average night consists of falling asleep around 11.30pm (no matter what time I go to bed) and sleeping till roughly 2am, where I'll suddenly wake and remain wide awake until around 6.30 am where the ability to sleep reappears, usually about half an hour before I need to get up. The second sleeping scenario is falling asleep at the same time, waking up at 2.30am, falling back asleep until 3.30am where I usually wake up for around 20 minutes, repeat at 4.30am except this time I'm again awake until 6.30am. Weird, huh? Sadly this has been my routine for many years now, but as I say at the moment, thanks to a fair amount of treatment and assistance, I can usually sleep through the night. I've become a bit of an expert on not sleeping and have tried loads of sleep aids along the way, so thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you, and the ones that actually work!
Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Sleep Mist
Sadly now only sold as a Home Fragrance, but I imagine it has the same effect at bed time. This sweet scented spray featuring ylang-ylang helps create a relaxing environment when you need to sleep, and there is something about the gorgeous scent that just makes me feel sleepy. It is very light and not at all overpowering, I usually spray it around the bed before I hop in and drift off.
The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist
Another sleep spray but a very different scent to the previous one. This spray features camomile and jujube, both known for their relaxation and stress relieving properties. I spray this one directly onto my pillow and find it really helps with getting off to sleep. It's quite a dreamy scent that leaves me feeling relaxed and ready to snooze.
Flora Paradiso De-Stress Massage and Body Oil ℅ Bodhi
If you suffer from aches and pains at night time, then you need to give this stuff a go. I use this magical oil on aching joints and my chest before bed and find it so helpful. You can feel it sinking it into your sore muscles and gently warming them as it soothes, and the floral, luxurious scent helps you get to sleep too. This is great for back pain as well, and nothing quite helps you get off to sleep like a relaxing massage!
Tisserand Sleep Aromatherapy Roller ball
I'm not particularly knowledgable when it comes to aromatherapy, but this little gem of a product really works for me. You apply the roller to pulse points to calm and soothe as you fall asleep. I apply this to my wrists and neck and find it really helps, the scent again is a particularly natural one, this time featuring lavender.

I'm no expert really but these things really help me, and I hope they help you too if you're looking for a bit of help in the sleep department. If you are struggling though, then please take a visit to your doctor, not being able to sleep is an important thing to get sorted and they really can help you!

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