Something New: Maybelline Baby Skin

Maybelline Baby Skin - £7.99
New product alert! I'm a little slow off the mark, so you've probably already heard about and tried this, but I thought I'd weigh in anyway. You may remember me professing my love for Maybelline's Baby Lips (or in case you missed it, read it here), so I was excited to hear about Baby Skin, the new primer, or 'Instant Pore Eraser' as they have called it. I have fairly large pores either side of my nose which are fairly irritating when it comes to foundation application, but had been reluctant to fork out £20+ for the more high end brands offering a pore concealing primer. Maybelline's version is a much more purse friendly £7.99, so I was much more keen to give it a go.
First impressions left me a little unsure, the product is a clear gel that comes out looking almost paste like, as an odd looking transparent jelly. Don't panic though, as once you rub it in it melts into a super smooth gel that is so light, you can barely feel it, other than having very soft skin where you put it on. I use it across my nose and cheeks where my pores are worst. It doesn't appear to have any form of scent either which is quite nice, too many products at once can lead to a fairly overwhelming smell! You need the tiniest little blob which goes a long way, the tiniest dot on the end of my finger was all I needed for one application.
I then put my foundation straight on top as I normally do, with a foundation and then blending brush. Immediately I noticed a more flawless finish than usual, with the main feature being no nasty looking pores! I did this in the morning, and by lunchtime the results were exactly as they were in the morning. By the time I took my makeup off, there was still a smooth layer of foundation on my face. As I don't wear very much, it's normally all faded off (I'm awful at touching my face/rubbing my face on things etc during the day) by the evening, so this product has vastly improved the overall staying power of my makeup. This nifty little tube has now become an everyday staple and I'm loving the effect is has on my makeup!
Have you tried Baby Skin? What did you think?

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