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Glasses ℅ SpecsPost
Shuffle Brown - £29.99
Pequeno - £35.00

In my opinion, there is nothing more boring for a glasses wearer to have to wear the same old pair of specs day in and day out. Although I don't always wear them in pictures, I need to wear my glasses all the time, thanks to being both long and short sighted, and with an astigmatism in both eyes. I can just about manage without but everything is completely blurry and will usually result in a pounding headache by lunchtime if I don't. When I first started wearing them, I had one hugely expensive pair (we're talking £80+) from Boots that were plain and uninteresting, as to get anything remotely 'cool' you had to branch into designer brands that were even more unfriendly on the purse. Recently however, I have been discovering more and more places that supply substantially more affordable and considerably more fun frames, giving glasses wearers, myself included, the option to chop and change between pairs when you like.
SpecsPost is an online based company, from Manchester, specialising in inexpensive, wearable glasses in a huge variety of frames. I was sent these two gorgeous pairs to try out and instantly fell in love with them both. Both entirely different to frames I've worn before, they both have a vintage feel to the style of them and are interesting shapes, something I look for in fashionable frames. They are both made of plastic yet feel sturdy and well made. The lenses are fairly thick and don't get dirty or greasy as quickly as other cheap glasses I've tried. The styles themselves are gorgeous, the top pair as a beautiful shade of reddish brown, that are the most lovely bright colour in the sunshine. The second are more of a sophisticated style, and perfect if you have a fairly small face, the small lenses don't overcrowd your face if you have small features. Dispatch and delivery was very quick too, with both pairs arriving signed-for, in their own cases with cleaning cloths. The prices are very affordable too, pairs of this style usually retail for much higher in high street opticians.
I am really impressed with both the frames and the site and service, so will definitely be using SpecsPost again in future!

If these frames aren't your cup of tea then fear not, there are so many to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice! Browse the full range here.

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