Sunday Thoughts #2

This week has been a wonderfully quiet one. Next week I'm starting a rather hectic work placement, so I've taken some time out to relax and prepare myself. Starting with a visit with my family and lovely puppies, I had a lovely few days of doing very little before heading back to Brighton and starting to get ready to go back to work. Loz and I made time to go out for breakfast, and I want to make sure we continue to do this even when things are manically busy. We should always be able to spare half an hour to sit and catch up! Nothing soothes a stressful soul quite as well as a soy latte and a sausage butty in my opinion.

Instagram: insta0202
To sum up my week in four pictures, it started with soggy dog walks with my furry friends, followed by lots of coffee and a good blog catch up in my parent's lovely kitchen. Then back to Brighton in the torrential rain and hail, accompanied by my trusty wellies, as normal shoes just don't quite cut it in this weather! I had a massive reorganise and tidy to give myself a calm workspace for the next few weeks, and feel better for it already.

Pinspiration: pinspiration0202
With the prospect of a new flat on the horizon (cue squeaks of excitement from yours truly), I've been pinning ideas for cosying up small rented spaces. As we currently share with others, I am so excited to have a space just for us, and can't wait to get decorating and finally having a little home of our own!

What have you been up to this week?

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