That Weirdo With Five Colours In Her Hair

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Limited Edition Hair ChalksThe Body Shop

Couldn't resist getting a bit of McFly into the blog somehow! I have a new favourite thing. I know I say this relatively often, but this really is something special. You might not know this, but I used to have considerably more interesting hair than I do right now. It has been blue, pink, purple and red, and every 'natural' shade under the sun. I had a little obsession with colouring it bright colours, and I loved it. My favourite was when I coloured my blonde ombre pink and purple in alternate chunks, it was pretty awesome. I even dyed my tips permanently tropical red once with a pack of Kool Aid, though I definitely would not recommend doing so yourself, it is very, very permanent! Sadly, being a grownup got in the way and for work I had to go back to sensible hair so settled on the blondish shade with a bit of ombre that it is now, but I do miss it. That's where these fantastic little pots come in. The Body Shop have released 2 Hair Chalks, magic little pots of highly pigmented colour that you simply swipe on, set, and then wash out when you're done. In two lovely bright shades of pink and blue, you simply run them along a strand of hair, set it with some hairspray and you're good to go. They wash out easily with shampoo, so are perfect for a bit of colour on a night out that you need gone by the morning. One swipe makes a lovely pastel shade, more makes for a bolder colour, 2 or more swipes of the pink makes a gorgeous bright flamingo shade. They are so quick to use, so doing your entire head wouldn't be too much work for a special occasion either. Perhaps my favourite part is that the intensity of the colour was exactly the same on both my blonder and darker strands, and from what I understand, they work just as well on dark hair too. I'm currently rocking some pink highlights, and can see these becoming a regular part of my non school day routine. They are priced at a reasonable £5 each, but are limited edition, so make sure you go quick to get your hands on them!

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