The Underground Cookery School

IMG_1685 IMG_1482 IMG_1553 Chicken With Leeks and Cabbage Dining
Last Monday I was very kindly invited along to an evening event at the Underground Cookery School in London. Exactly what it says on the tin, it really is an underground cookery school, somewhere around Shoreditch - though, my London geography is pretty poor I'm afraid, my country mouse tendencies come out when I visit the big city. You step through a fairly normal looking set of office doors and down some stairs, and come out in a fully kitted out, large, professional kitchen with a huge wooden dining table set off to one side. With the wonderful motto "Everything is Salvageable", a positivity I wish I had always been able to apply to my own cooking adventures and mishaps, these cookery events are perfect for even complete beginners, and mean that everyone can have a go at cooking up something exciting and unusual.
Specialising in team building events, stag and hen parties and birthday parties, the UCS puts on day and evening events for groups of people to learn to cook large, multiple course meals, learn new skills and have a go at making something you wouldn't have the opportunity to do every day. I went along with a lovely group of bloggers and had a go at cooking up a magical 3 course meal featuring Moules Marinieres,  a Ballontine of Chicken with Leeks and Savoy Cabbage and an Apple Tarte Tatin. A fantastic menu I would never think, or know how to cook myself, we were talked through the different steps and each had a go at something, including boning a chicken, a hugely useful skill that I am looking forward to trying at home. We then sat down to dinner where everyone sampled their cooking. It is such a lovely idea to then be able to sit and enjoy a meal as a group. I can imagine this being a fun alternative to the traditional hen party, with glasses of fizz and wine a plenty, as well as the delicious food, which tastes even better knowing you've cooked it yourself.
If you're looking for something different to do for your special occasion, I'd recommend checking this place out, it was a really enjoyable evening, and I feel like my cooking skills have seriously benefited from it too!

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