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Customised Valentines Mug - ℅ - £7.00
Valentines Day. Very much a love/hate kind of situation going on here. Some people seem to get really rather angsty when it's mentioned, and I'm not sure why. I do agree that it shouldn't be a day for spending heaps of money on someone for no reason other than the date, but I do think it's a great excuse to do something a bit special. There is one argument that you shouldn't need a date to treat and be extra nice to your other half, which again, I agree with, but I believe there is no point in passing up an occasion to be extra lovely, and have a great day in the process.
This year, I'm working all day on February 14th, and my lovely boyfriend has a gig in the evening, so we're a little busy. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve though, and although he's seen this one early, I think this is such a lovely way to do something simple, yet thoughtful all packaged up as an affordable little gift. have a range of valentines themed gifts with the ability to customise them to personalise them to yourself and your loved one. I of course had to go for this 'You Rock My World' deisgn, what with my boyfriend being the rockstar that he is, and loved how it turned out. The site offers 48 hour dispatch too, pretty impressive for customised products, and great if you're looking for a last minute gift idea. I think it's a really sweet yet simple way to show someone you care!

If you're stuck for ideas this V-Day, check out their entire Valentines range here.

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