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carrie brighton
Before I was a blogger, I was a blog reader. Now, I spend almost as much time, if not more, reading blogs as I do writing my own. I absolutely love discovering other people's corners of the internet, admiring their photographs and reading about their adventures. Blogs are, and have always been my biggest sources of inspiration, and the places I turn daily for advice on what to buy, what to wear, and even what to cook for dinner. I am now in the wonderful position where I have made some incredible friends through blogging, and feel truly lucky to have gained these fantastic people in my life. I have some of my lovely friends and their blog links in my side bar, but thought it was time to share the full list of my favourite blogs to read, but just a little warning, it's fairly hefty!
I read these blogs whenever I have a spare moment, and often when I should be doing something more important and work related. I have a long list bookmarked on my iPad and laptop for flicking through as often as I can, and this way I try not to miss a single post of my favourites. Bloglovin is so useful too,  and I've found a lot of new blogs that way too. I'm going to pop this up in a separate Blog Roll page after posting, but I thought I'd share my current list of favourites, so that you can find some new reads too!

Life and beauty blogs:
From Roses,
Hello October,
The Sunday Girl,

Style and life blogs:
Wish Wish Wish,
What Olivia Did,
Briar Rose Blog

Lifestyle blogs:
The Dainty Squid,
The Londoner,
Milk Bubble Tea

I have been so lucky throughout my time blogging in that I have met, both online and face to face, some absolutely lovely ladies that I feel so lucky to call my friends. They are all amazing writers too, I love reading about their adventures, and I think you might like to too:
Fizzy Peaches
Fifi McGee
Belle Du Brighton
Cider With Sophie
Sunshine and Showers
Chambray and Curls
Everything's Rosie
Make, Do and Push
Lola and Behold
Unique and Chic
Taupe and Pearl
The Little Koala

What are your favourite blogs to read?

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